What type of switches do you use?

We use Gateron switches.

What is the difference between the different color switches?

Below is a chart with each color that is offered on it. Generally, the most common attributes looked for are Type/Behavior, Actuation Distance, Operating Force, and the Sound Level.

  Red Blue Brown Speed Silver Optical Yellow
Switch Type Linear Tactile Tactile Linear Linear
Actuation Distance 2.0mm 2.0mm 2.0mm 1.2mm 1.0mm
Operating Force 45 cN 60 cN 55 cN 45 cN 35 cN
Sound Level Non Clicky Very Clicky Little Clicky Non Clicky Non Clicky


What is the difference between Linear and Tactile?

Tactile switches have a small tactile bump that provides resistance which can be felt at the point of key actuation. The switch itself is practically inaudible, omitting the click sound present in clicky switches. Tactile switches are versatile performers that cope well with a variety of different typing tasks.

Linear switches are coveted for their quiet, smooth action that’s free of any interference from tactility. The keystroke is a straight downward drop with no tactile bump or click leaf. Linear switches themselves are close to silent, but easy to bottom out depending on the actuation force required from the spring strength.