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The story of matrix

About Us

Matrix was founded in 2018 by a team of passionate gamers with a shared vision: to elevate the gaming experience through high-performance peripherals that prioritize both functionality and aesthetics. We recognized a growing demand for esports-grade equipment that didn't sacrifice style, and we set out to bridge the gap between bland, traditional peripherals and the vibrant personalities of the gaming community.

From Humble Beginnings to gaming innovation

Our journey began with a humble gamer shipping products from his bedroom. However, our commitment to quality and innovation quickly propelled us forward. We achieved a significant milestone in 2019 by introducing the first high-quality backlit keycaps to the US market, establishing ourselves as pioneers in the customization space. This early success fostered a loyal customer base and solidified our reputation for pushing boundaries within the gaming peripheral industry.

A focus on collaboration

In 2020, we signed our first talent partner with Clix! Inspired by Nike's model of collaboration with top athletes, Matrix prioritizes fostering strong relationships with talent in the gaming industry. Working with the likes of Clix, Sommerset, Faker, Lirik and more, we've co-created peripherals that resonate with their respective communities. This collaborative approach ensures our products cater to the specific needs and preferences of diverse gamers.

A comprehensive peripheral ecosystem

While our roots lie in premium mechanical keyboards, Matrix has evolved into a comprehensive provider of high-performance gaming peripherals. Our current product portfolio encompasses a wide range of meticulously crafted equipment, including:

  • Mechanical Gaming Keyboards
  • Wireless Gaming Mice
  • XXL Mousepads
  • Full Keycap Sets
  • Rubber Gaming Keycaps
  • Coiled Aviator USB Cables

A Commitment to Continuous Innovation

We are constantly striving to push the boundaries of design and functionality. With a dedication to research and development, we are committed to introducing new and innovative products that cater to the ever-evolving needs of the gaming community. Stay tuned for exciting upcoming additions to our ever-growing peripheral ecosystem.

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