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Cody "Clix" Conrad. A Fortnite superstar known for his flashy plays and high-ground retakes. Since bursting onto the scene at the Fortnite World Cup, his energy and infectious personality have captivated millions and made him a true superstar. Clix has trusted Matrix since 2020 to provide himself and his community with high quality products they can trust.


Variety streamer extraordinaire, Lirik, is all about having a good time. This veteran entertainer enjoys playing a vast range of games, from AAA titles to quirky indies, while interacting with his massive community. Known for his chill vibes and infectious laughter, Lirik offers endless entertainment for viewers seeking a laid-back and engaging stream.

LVNDMARK Collection

FPS powerhouse LVNDMARK reigns supreme in hardcore shooters like Escape From Tarkov and Arena Breakout: Infinite. With exceptional aim and strategic play, LVNDMARK thrills viewers with intense raids, clutch escapes, and epic squad wipes. He's not just about eliminations - his knowledge and tips help aspiring players elevate their gameplay.

Cotton Candy

Performance that looks as good as it feels. Explore this tasty collection of blue and pink that can take your setup from sad to special.

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